Early NYR

Just reminding myself to get started on this after over a year of inactivity. With that said, it was a busy year. When I got the domain and started tinkering around, my career did a major pivot from ISD consulting back to the classroom. Needless to say I didn’t do much with this because I was getting back into the swing/grind of being a classroom teacher. So I probably didn’t do much with this until the summer of 2023. But then, as best laid plans go, I blinked and it was August and I was back at it again.

Things have slowed down just enough so that I could peek at this again, clean up some aesthetic nightmares I left hanging, and actually get back to publishing some content, which is the main point.

So, my early, early New Year’s Resolution is to get this thing going and get content up more frequently. The early stuff won’t be great, but it’ll be better than nothing.






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